Bean bags


  • 100×140 cm ( suitable for children )
  • 140×140 cm
  • 130×160 cm
  • 135×165 cm
  • 140×180 cm
  • 135×195 cm

If you require a different size, we can produce these as well.
The standard fabric width is maximum 150 cm. Additional fabrics
can go up to 300 cm.

Print types

With our full color print technique there are no restrictions in the amount
of colors or the type of artwork. You can compare it with a photo print.
We print with the newest equipment on the highest resolution. We use
healthy water based ink following the European standard.

With screen printed beanbags, we use our standard stock colored
fabrics. On top of this fabric, we place the screenprint in maximum
2 PMS colors.

Branding label

The label is attached to the bean-bag and available in several colors.


We offer two different types of beanbag filling.
EPS granulate and EPS pearls.

What is EPS?
EPS, or expanded polystyrene, is a rigid cellular plastic originally
invented in Germany by BASF in 1950. It has been used in packaging
solutions since 1958. It is 98% air but the rest is made from tiny
spherical EPS beads – themselves made only of carbon and hydrogen.

The granulate is our standard filling. These are cutted balls and the
beads have different sizes.

These virgian quality beads are perfectly round shaped and have
the same size.

What is the difference?
EPS Pearls are perfectly shaped, more comfortable and will stay longer
in shape.


Standard we pack each beanbag in a transparant strong polybag. Additional we offer cardboard box packaging.

Transport without pallet:
When we pack the beanbags in a polybag and load them without a
pallet in a truck, the full truck can contain 215 pieces in size 135×165 cm.

Transport with pallet:
Each pallet can contain a maximum of 8 beanbags packed in a
cardboard box.

What else can we do?
Customize packaging is one of the options. This can include special
inlets, stickers, barcodes, instructions, etc.