Boogaard Textiles

Boogaard Textiles is a family run business, originally founded in Friesland. We have been operating from our head office in Wittem, just outside of Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. Design and production of innovative new products and industry leader lines are carried out in the concept studio, and the testing and application of new processes happens direct on the factory floor. Boogaard uses only state of the art machinery that is specially adapted to print artwork with no restrictions onto a multitude of fabrics and materials. Boogaard Textiles operates multiple assembly facilities in the Netherlands in conjunction with its support filling and manufacture teams in Poland. You can be assured that any garment, bed linen, furnishing or piece of furniture produced by Boogaard Textiles is not only of the highest quality, it will be groundbreaking in terms of technical production standards and design innovation, found nowhere else on the planet.

Boogaard Textiles 3D

Made to Order

Boogaard Textiles are specialised in the production of high-end promotional items such as custom made beanbags, cubes, poufs, hockers, cushions, umbrellas, tents, lounge furniture and bespoke items all manufactured with digitally printed fabrics and materials. As a result of many years of experience in the design and production of textiles, we are able to print on a massive variety of fabrics using a multitude of techniques honed and developed in our studios, ranging from dyeing fabrics in your own Pantone colour to fully digital printed fabrics. Utilising our own production facility in the Netherlands enables us to develop unique ranges suited to specific tastes and deliver fast, flexible turnarounds and in small quantities. We can offer the unique opportunity to order some lines of beanbags and cushions with a minimum order quantity of one.


#31 has been working with both up-and-coming and well-known names in the art and (graphic) design world , creating inspiring designs and producing limited edition beanbags. Each beanbag label is numbered, guaranteeing their exclusivity.


Again, ahead of the trends in bespoke promotional wear, Boogaard Textiles acquired Squat. Already an established sports and leisurewear clothing line, Boogaard brings its own unique style to the leisurewear industry; combining over a quarter of a century of experience and world standard printing methods with modern fashion design, the personalisation and promotional possibilities are endless.